About us

Finding a debt consolidation loan that accepts bad credit can be hard. That’s why we created onedebt.org. We are a team with one goal: helping you find the right lender for your debt consolidation loan. Even if your credit score has taken a hit because of present debts.

Onedebt.org started as a quest to provide something different in the debt consolidation space. We wanted to list different kind of lenders then the present sites had, and we wanted to provide better content. More detailed content with the questions that our visitors really are asking.

Who we are

With over 10 years of working with online loans and people with debts, onedebt.org has acquired understanding of what kind of problems persons with high debts face.

We believe in fantastic user-experience. Therefore our team consists of a great PHP-programmer, web designer and one content writer. Mobile experience is of most importence here at onedebt.org, with over 70% of our visitors using mobiles to visit us.

What we do

We deliver unique information about debt consolidation loans, our goal is that content should be easy to understand, navigate through and answer peoples questions.

Also remember, onedebt.org is not a lender. We only provide information for borrowers looking for lenders with good APR rates.

Feel free sending us an e-mail if you have any questions!

Writer – Melissa Horton, MBA

Melissa is the founder and owner of a comprehensive financial planning firm serving the Washington, DC metro area. With over 15 years of experience in the financial planning and investment fields, she offers a great deal of passion and expertise in helping her clients reach their financial goals. Melissa puts financial literacy and education at the forefront of her practice, showing individuals, families, and business owners how to better manage their money in a realistic and effective way.

Melissa has earned both her undergraduate and Masters degrees in finance and marketing, and she uses this education combined with personal experience in working with clients in her practice daily. She also develops content for several personal finance and money management publications in-print and online.

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Writer – William Wood

William has earned his college degree at the University of Arizona. His favorite subject and also his specialty, is personal finance. 6 years of experience from writing personal finance articles, serves him well. As he can dissect and really understand any financial topic, makes for some really unique and interesting reading.